Wednesday, July 16, 2008

JAX-RS (JSR-311) & Apache CXF

Yesterday I did my first Webinar on (see "Open Source in the Enterprise, Webinar III" in Dana Gardner covered big trends in the middleware and infrastructure sector, I talked about our support in FUSE for building RESTful services using JAX-RS, and my fellow IONA-ian Roland Tritsch did a live code demo showing, among other things, how to access both RESTful and SOAP services using browser-based javascript connected to a FUSE (Enterprise Apache CXF) service. Nice!

I must echo Dan Kulp's thanks to Sergey Beryozkin for putting together some really nice work on CXF's JAX-RS implementation: I've been using the original JRA annotations with CXF previously, and the new JAX-RS stuff is simpler to use: no need to worry about wrapping parameter payload, and much easier to specify content types. Thanks Sergey!

There's some good documentation on the JAX-RS CXF implementation on the CXF site. There's also a list of todo's there as well; one thing I'd love to see is support for marking responses as cacheable so that we really cash-in (errr, exuse the pun) on REST.