Friday, April 10, 2009

OSGi and dOSGi - from the source

Very excited about some upcoming webinars on two legends of OSGi will be talking about why, what and how of OSGi technology. On April 14th (my birthday :)), Eric Newcomer, co-chair of the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group, is going to give an overview of OSGi for the enterprise. Then, on April 28th, the legendary David Bosschaert, one of our Fellow engineers at Progress, and based here in Dublin, will talk about Disributed OSGi. dOSGi answers the natural question asked by OSGi newcomers when the learn about OSGi services: is there any way we share the service registry across a number of JVMs, so that a consumer in one JVM can lookup and invoke on a service in another JVM transparently? David, a committer on Apache CXF, has implemented early prototypes on how to make this happen under the covers, and, I believe, has set CXF up to be part of the reference implementation for dOSGi.

I'm gonna grab me a sandwich log in to these webinars: they're too good to miss!

I note as well that registration at the webinars entitles you to a 10% discount on our online, live training sessions on Apache Camel & Apache ServiceMix 4. It's all good. We ran our first delivery of this course this week, and I was genuinely surprised with how our students coped with - and enjoyed! - the online learning experience. Two days of webinars, live coding, exercises, demonstration, chat via IRC, and access to our tech support guys. Of course, I was very lucky to have Hadrian Zbarcea, PMC chair of the Apache Camel project, with me for the duration, piping in with some great input where Camel is going. Nice.

But anyway: for now, I'm off for Easter...