Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reflections on Progress and IONA from Reykjavik

I have spent the day traveling on airplanes, and finally arrived in beautiful Reykjavik at about 1600 without baggage but very glad to be in Iceland again. It's a beautiful, awe-inspiring landscape and the people are lovely. Is this a thing were folk from island nations naturally resonate with each other? Anyway: I'm here doing some work on Apache CXF with a big player in the telco market here. I look forward to getting stuck in tomorrow.

I've been out of touch for most of the day, gleaning information on a drip about today's big news that Progress Software has agreed to purchased the company I work for, IONA Technologies, later this year. This is a really great move for Progress; IONA has strong technology offerings, an innovative engineering department and a smart services organization hell-bent on customer success. It's also a fantastic opportunity for the great people I work with in IONA to play an even bigger role in the SOA market. Today's statement also indicated continued investment in IONA's Orbix, Artix and open-source FUSE offerings; I'm looking forward to seeing how Progress will approach a blended, hybrid business model. And, I can't wait to get my hands on Progress's technology :)

IONA has been such a great place to work, since my first incarnation here in 1995 as an engineer. I was reminiscing with myself over dinner on all the places I've traveled to while working as a consultant in the "old IONA", and got so excited that I mapped them on Google Maps. Check it out! Now, where is the new Progress going to take us?

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