Friday, October 24, 2008

AMQP back in the radar...

Just learned that Microsoft has joined up with AMQP. This is great news - I was playing with AMQP some time ago but in recent months I got a feeling that there was a lot of sitting on the fence about whether people are going to take up on it or not. There's nothing so sad as taking a great idea with a well thought out standard and seeing it get a lack-lustre take-up. This is just the kind of injection AMQP needed.

As I recall, Apache Camel already has support for AMQP, so that'll be a very nice bridging tool for organizations who want to migrate piecemeal towards an AMQP-based infrastructure.

It'll be nice to see what the full extend of Microsoft's participation will be: are they going to buy in wholesale or are they going to just look nice in the background of wedding photographs, enjoying the party? Will they be actively implementing AMQP brokers, or will they just add some AMQP connectivity options to their existing integration offerings?

Things are getting interesting again for AMQP :)

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