Monday, October 6, 2008

Carpe springem - community to the rescue?

I was following a trail on the CXF users list, when Dan Kulp introduced "FreeSpring" (, a community-based effort that has come about to alleviate the effects of the new SpringSource licensing system. Their aim is to solve three key problems for Spring users who do not want to pay SpringSource subscriptions for fixes after the three-month post-release dust-settling period: creating versioned binary distributions, applying community fixes, and, importantly, providing distributions through maven.

I admire the initiative, but was of course keen to find out how plan to keep the lights on... their intent is to get some corporate backing from benevolent organisations (perhaps SpringSource competitors?) and also to sell advertising space. I think the latter may be a go-er: has the opportunity to become a hub for open-minded Java developers.

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