Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The day we brought down the internet :(

Today we had the first of our FUSE ESB 4 Webinar series; we had a fabulous triple digit attendance at the session. We dived right into some live coding, showing how to deploy bundles and other artifacts into FUSE ESB, and were all set to tear away with web services, REST, and a whole lot more... until, unfortunately, after an hour of noble service, some machine in some datacentre decided to give up the ghost, leading to the termination of the webinar.

While it's fun to think that our community's enthusiasm managed to melt some motherboard somewhere, I'm deeply disappointed by this: not just because were about to get the really cool stuff FUSE can do, but also because we had such enormous participation from the attendees who were all very keen to learn more. We'll be working hard to make sure the outage doesn't happen on the next session on February 23rd, when we'll present at 10am GMT and again at 1pm EST. Additionally, I'l be recording some screen casts on each of the six use-cases and we'll post them on fusesource.com.

Till then, thanks to all our attendees for taking part - we hope you enjoyed our session and look forward to hearing from you again.


Khaled Essghaier said...


well first of all thanks for all your great screencasts keep up the good work :)

today's webinar was good too.
and BTW i have some question for you i read in the apache site that SM4 is not fully JBI compliant how is that ? i mean what is missing ?

Ade said...

Hey Khaled,

Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated.

As far as I recall, the issue concerning JBI compliance is around some of the "softer" aspects of JBI. For example, in JBI I believe the spec says that you should be able to install service assemblies using JMX. This is a feature that we haven't implemented yet in SMX4, so, as a result, we cannot claim full compliance.

However, all the good stuff is there: if you're doing JBI work with components interacting over the NMR then you'll have all you need in SMX4.

Also, keep in mind that with the release of SMX3.4, the same JBI components are being used for both SMX3.4 and SMX4. This is going to make migrating to SMX4 a lot easier in the future.