Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Free! Free! Free! Screencasts on how to use FUSE ESB 4 (based on Apache Servicemix 4)

As part of my bi-weekly "Getting Started with FUSE ESB 4" webinar series, I've put together some screencasts of how to do all the good stuff you want to do with FUSE ESB 4. Check out the links at the bottom of the Training Videos page.

Right now the links will download quicktime movies, which you can then run on your machine. The movies range in size from 90Mb to 180Mb, so kick off those downloads, grab a nice cup of coffee, and the sit back and enjoy the ride as I cover how to build and install FUSE ESB 4, create and deploy an OSGi bundle from scratch, create and deploy a web service using CXF, deploy an EIP using a Camel route, and finally, deploy a JBI-based solution into the FUSE ESB 4 runtime.

If you like the videos, or have feedback, please leave a comment!


Georges said...

Fantastic training videos. Keeping the focus on the "prize" is a wonderful thing, and I wish more techies could do the same -- as opposed to drowning the point in a flood of details.

One question: there's no link to the restful web service deployment tutorial, will it be available soon?


Ade said...

Hey Georges,

Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated :)

Yes, the RESTful stuff is missing, and I hope to get it up shortly. Watch this space! In the meantime, I'm doing the RESTful stuff live as part of my fortnightly webinar, next one is on March 9th 2009; register on

Thanks again,